Hello there, and welcome to a restless spirit.

I’m Holly, and I’m just your average girl in her 20s with a passion for travel, culture, writing and the outdoors. It’s always been my dream to be an explorer (once declaring I wanted to be Sir David Attenborough when I grew up), to combine this with my passion for writing is the ultimate goal.

You’re probably wondering where I got the name of this blog from – it is infact lyrics from The Eagles’ song Witchy Woman – ‘she’s a restless spirit on an endless flight’ which sums up my total incapability to sit still, or stay in one place for very long.

My travels started from a young age as my parents would take my sister and I all over the place in a tourer caravan. Since then, I have studied a 2-year law degree, travelled as far as South-East Asia, completed a ski season in the French Alps and converted a Volkswagen Transporter panel van into a self-built home-on-wheels.

I am currently based in beautiful North Wales working as a Copywriter for a small travel company. My future travel plans include touring Europe in the van, exploring Australia for a month or two and in the meantime, seeking out the best nooks and crannies of the Great British Isles.

I hope you enjoy reading, or browsing, or just having a nose at my pictures – I consider any of that as valuable support and it truly does mean alot.

a restless spirit x