The Runaways

So, we meet again. Since my last post, I have actually got out on the slopes for the first time (which was, incredibly emotional – and not just because I was feeling the effects of alcohol on a steep gradient) I have also done several clothes washes (I hope you’re proud Mum)  bought myself an advent calendar, fallen right on my arse whilst no one was looking (I hope), had some intoxicated relations in a recycling shed and managed to stab myself with a fondue fork.

I won’t go into each of these in detail (the fondue fork incident was painful – as was falling on my arse) but what I will tell you is that I am having the time of my life. I’m absolutely skint, exhausted yet exhilarated. My life now consists of making sure people are happy, airport visits at the crack of dawn, snowboarding, drinking, planning quiz nights and the occasional 1h40 mixed load wash at 60degrees, but what really makes it for me are the people who surround me everyday.

In my last post, I briefly mentioned that everyone has their reasons for running off to the mountains, and I also mentioned that there had been enough banter to make an entire rugby team wince. Both of these are true, and as the weeks go on, I’m learning more and more about the people who are quickly becoming my little happy (albeit dysfunctional)mountain family.

Some of us are in fact running away, some of us are simply taking a little diversion and some of us are forging a career out of passion, but all of us are here. We are here, working together, independent of friends and family and home comforts, living together under one roof, learning about each other in the most intimate of ways. (Did not intend that to sound like we are having one big orgy every night, we are not, just to clarify.)

My point is, I’ve only known these people for three weeks, but the fact that they are here with me makes me feel like I’ve known them forever. We all have our reasons for being here and that puts us on the same wavelength, we are looking for similar things in life – predominantly, enjoyment. It might be the frequent consumption of alcohol, it might be the altitude, but I find myself looking at these people with absolute sheer love amongst the chaos, these people are here for the right reasons, these people are my kind of people.

It has been hard work, and there has been moments when our smooth sailing ship has gone slightly Titanic with too many captains. But we are all pulling together, there’s not one person who hasn’t offered up their help, who has just sat back and watched.

These people have also listened to my story, and I’ve listened to theirs, we’ve discussed our hopes and dreams, our worries and fears. There is a certain understanding that comes with living under the same roof as strangers, the friendship process is sped up, you find yourself caring for these people almost instantly.

I feel like this really is the thing in life that I have been waiting for. I’ve been waiting for freedom, independence, a change of scene, a change of people, a change in my ways. I’m away from home with little possessions, little familiarity, and I’ve never been happier.




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  1. Paula Norwood Satchell says: Reply

    Sounds just like the yachting world… only cold not hot. I knew you would but perfect for this life 🙂

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