Books for Adventure

I wouldn’t be the writer, dreamer, adventurer (or, admittedly, grammar snob) that I am today without the books that have inspired me along the way.


  1. Llyn- A Magical Place: Martin Turtle Photography 

Being a teenager in Wales for most people is about as exciting as a loaf of bread, but luckily not for me. My parents introduced me to one of the most magical places on earth when I was about six, and we have returned year after year ever since. The Llyn peninsula is the little arm that juts out at the very top left hand corner of Wales, and it is where I discovered my love for photography. My Dad bought me my first camera when I was 12 years old, a second hand Canon 450D and I have used it ever since, which admittedly was at first incredibly overwhelming. There is a particular photographer who I am forever inspired by, who lives on the Llyn peninsula and runs a gallery in Abersoch. He is called Martin Turtle and this book is a breath-taking collection of his photographs and excerpts of Welsh poetry.


2. On the Road – Jack Kerouac

Okay so NOBODY should pride themselves as an avid reader without at least reading some Kerouac. The crazy journey of Sal Paradise in his pursuit of Dean Moriarty is a journey that instilled in me a great desire to travel and to rove about. It gives in detail the highs and lows of the most free form of travelling, it shows you how lonely it can be yet how empowering. It inspired me to embark on a road trip last year and also sparked my desire to convert my camper van and get the full experience.

3. The Rolling Home: Various 

Speaking of converting my camper van – here is the very key inspiration behind that. The Rolling Home was initially a blog written by a couple who had self designed and built their beautiful camper, and travelled around Europe meeting incredible, likeminded individuals. Now they have just recently released a journal featuring all sorts of contributions from people making a life out of being on the road. These stories have shown me just how much is possible if you’re brave enough – I managed (admittedly, after a good few months of pestering) to let my Dad spend my savings on a Volkswagen transporter van and I know it’s going to be an investment that will change my life.

4. Into the Wild – Jon Krakauer

I only recently discovered this book and boy has it changed me. Jon Krakauer, being an adventurer himself, takes a look at the arguably reckless/ arguably admirable story of Chris McCandless, who attempted to survive in the wilderness of Alaska with no real means of doing so. He compares Chris with other explorers from across the ages and it is an education in the history of explorers. It resonated with me somewhere deep inside and if you look for the wild in things, it will with you too.

5. Ultimate Travelist – Lonely Planet & Cabin Porn – Collected by Beaver Brook

If you ever needed any assistance when compiling a bucket list, or wanted to make yourself feel seriously under-travelled, the Lonely Planet’s ultimate Travelist is just the ticket. It counts down the top 500 places to visit on earth and provides some handy tips as well as beautiful images.

The brilliantly named Cabin Porn is also a huge inspiration to me as on the said bucket list is to live, for a period of time, in a cabin in the woods, being as self-sustainable as possible. Again, beautiful images in the most secluded of locations adorn the pages of this book.

6. The unread! 

If there is something on this planet I would definitely stop time for – it would be books. I don’t think I’ll ever have enough time to read all of the books I want to read, but I’ll definitely give it a good go. Books have played a vital role in making me who I am and I know that they will continue to do so.

Also – whilst we are gathering funds or inspiration for our next adventure, what better way to prepare ourselves for it than taking ourselves on it through the words and pages of another.


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