The Home Stint

In the midst of the end-of-season-madness, I was lucky enough to pop home for three days – by some absolute fluke, I had been chosen to win an award at my University and so thought what a lovely opportunity to go back home, get spoilt (and fed) for a couple of days and be reunited with the furry, four-legged love of my life – a short holiday if you like.

Returning to the UK was as to be expected – the sky was grey and absolutely zero had changed. It was bizarre, everything that I had thought mundane and routine 5 months ago was now a complete novelty, I found myself really taking in peoples faces, voices, the new found energy I had – no doubt as a result of increased oxygen levels being closer to sea level.  What brought this lovely family vacation to a halt, however, was the exact reason I had come home in the first place. The award. Returning to University to get asked all the same questions about ‘my plans’ and ‘my future’ and ‘my career’ – I felt like each question was a nail banging into the wood of my coffin – you might aswell all bury me now with a full-time-big-girl job.

Don’t get me wrong, I want to end up in a successful job doing something I love, but in reality that doesn’t really feel like an option, especially when my priority right now is to travel, I have been out of the rat race for 5 months, and I’d very much like it to stay that way.

Sure, money has been tight and sometimes non-existent; the bank of Mum and Dad (and sister) has saved me from starvation and overdraft charges on more than one occasion. It will be nice to once again work for a decent wage and feel a sense of achievement when I can put money away each week and start paying my family back; but I can already feel myself itching for the next adventure. Which both excites me and worries me like hell – Am I always going to be so impatient? So restless? So easily bored? How can I advance into some sort of career when I can’t stand being in one place for too long? How am I going to move back into my parents’ house without it driving both them and myself crazy?

What I am now focused on is getting my van ready to hit the road at the end of the summer, because regardless of job I find myself doing – I’ll always be able to escape for a couple of days at least as soon as I clock off.

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