Keepin’ It Real


The season bubble is a real thing – we are all at risk of being completely consumed by it, it is there even though we can’t see it…. ever ominous…. ever watching… and; sometimes – some people never make it out….

But seriously, I can feel how easy it is up here to forget what real life is, to forget about all those plans and ideas and dreams we had at home. And also, to forget about the people that are missing us most.

I have never been a home bird, I was a strong, independent five year old who didn’t need no supervision. I have always felt the urge to adventure, I’ve always wanted to get to the next place. My parents always tell me that I am awful for starting one job whilst still being mid-way through another. That’s me, I’ve always been a restless spirit. (Hence the name of this blog, pat yourself on the back if you made the connection) Sometimes, like others I am sure, I forget where it all started, and I neglect those who I started it with. But that doesn’t mean I’m not thinking about them any less. I take a moment in each day, to think about my parents, my sister, my amazing friends – all of the people who I have big, big love for (and several moments to think about my dog – I tend to stop this before I start crying though.)

That’s the thing about the life I want to live, it can come across incredibly transient, temporary, fleeting. I personally think it is the entire opposite, I crave the deep, the profound, the extraordinary – I just can’t sit still for very long. This means that I don’t have all of the time I would like to facetime my mum, or to WhatsApp my friends – but when I do, I want it to be a good, hearty chat, a catch up on the things we have missed, a chance to breathe, smile, to come back down to reality.

I went with one of my mountain family members today, to the local Planks coffee shop and what was only supposed to be a hot chocolate turned into a mahoosive DMC with the incredible Dan on all things evolution, nature and dreams. Talking about these things with someone who has completed season after season and has amazing plans outside of the season bubble made me wake up a little bit and see that I mustn’t let these next 5 months completely consume me. All of this ties into keeping it real, remembering where we came from, and remembering where we hope to be headed, and the following things are how I plan to do it:

1. Keep in touch

I know that my Mum will wonder about me every day, my whereabouts, my wellbeing – the poor woman has had 20 years of dealing with my lack of communication skills and my sassy, unobtainable wild heart. The least you can do for the ones that love you is let them know you are okay, we only get one family, not all of us are lucky enough to have both parents/ siblings/ the loving friends that I have. It only takes us a minute or so to just send a ‘Hi, I’m alive, I love you’ text – or if you’re a bit of a weirdo like me, there is nothing nicer than sitting down to write a letter or a quick postcard.



2. Enjoy the home comforts

In my essentials of what to bring, I mentioned that we should pack things such as photographs etc, and I’m not telling you to build a shrine and worship it in tears every night, but putting pictures up of relatives and loved ones means that they are in our thoughts every day even subconsciously, and they don’t feel a million miles away.


3. Try not to get completely fucked up every night

So, massive perk of being a rep – free drinks from the wonderful bar staff, this is brilliant and wonderful and fantastic but it can get addictive. Many people suffer from the incurable condition that is FOMO, however, I think it’s also important to come back down to earth some nights and just hang out, whether that’s watching Planet Earth in your fleecey pyjamas with sudocrem smeared across your face (guilty) or spending the night in your staff accom with laughter and beers teaching each other how to flick a bottle cap from the elbow. (equally as guilty – shout out to Hannah & Lizzy for teaching me this amazing trick.)

4. Remember WHY you’re here….

No, it’s not for the free shots, it’s not for the beautiful French instructors (well, maybe a little bit), it’s not to get away from everything – it’s that amazing, euphoric, irreplaceable feeling of getting down the mountain using only your body and whatever is attached to your feet. (No judgement against all you skiers) It’s the blue skies and that panoramic, breath taking view,  it’s the excitement that comes with each snowfall, it’s the ache that your body feels after a long day of challenging runs and trying new tricks. It’s the smile you feel spreading across your face with the first run of the day. Its the reason we all have jobs – the reason anybody has a job out here.




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